Participant Feedback

Lisa H
ʻKarenʼs ability to bring out the best in me via looking within and conveying my feelings and thoughts through writing has been an absolute God-send. I wouldnʼt have been able to motivate myself at the beginning due to low self esteem, but she was able to help me push past all of that and help me see that writing is one of the healthiest artforms I can pursue for my overall well-being.ʼ
Writing to Publish

Sean K
‘I have been very inspired by this writing group and the use of blogs is a good example of how we can get out work ‘out there’ to other people.’
– Writing to Publish

Liz H
‘Having been out of work so long, I have actually found this course a ‘healing’ experience.  I realised many goals and have a number of things to continue to work with.  I now understand the concept of a ‘career path’ and steps I can take towards creating a role for me that works around my illness.  The Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey has been really educational and inspiring.  I really did love this whole course.  I intend to continue to look at further study in counselling and meditation, buying a computer and looking at developing my idea for a small business.  The course showed me that just taking continuous little steps can achieve big things and helped me understand goal setting in relation to a career path.  I also now have a much different view of social media and how it is used in a professional way.  I really enjoyed looking at the new way in which social media is used to promote yourself and to connect with the job market.  Thanks for everything.’
– The Hero’s Journey for Work

Liz H
‘As a result of this course, my friend got a job that was perfect for her, which in turn led to another job, so she now has two!  Two jobs that are much more suited to her after the setback and disappointment of not getting her dream job prior to the course. As a result, her whole life has changed, she has a new social circle through work, is meeting new people, saving money and planning to travel. It’s really shifted her life.
– Hero’s Journey for Work

Danielle S
‘Great course – it is a journey, an inner and transformative journey, well worth exploring.’
Hero’s Journey for Work

Pricilla A
‘I am very happy with the course.  I am more confident applying for jobs and will leave the class applying the things I have learnt in my everyday life.’
Hero’s Journey for Work

James W
‘After being unemployed for a long time I was required to undertake a writing-based program in Frankston.  During the following six months, I discovered how much fun it is to learn and of what that learning can bring.  I found out that I did have something to share with other people, as well as a desire to help, to inform, to entertain.  I also learned a lot about myself – skills for life, like speaking in public, projecting myself so I may be heard, interviewing techniques, analytical thinking, and most importantly, a deeper appreciation for everything.  Karen gave me a different way of seeing the world around me, seeing it with a deeper understanding and confidence – such a vital requirement in life.  Through Karen’s guidance, I also found a deep appreciation and talent for poetry, writing and design.  Karen suggested I take my creative leanings further and encouraged me to enrol in TAFE.  I thought she was mad but after a short time down the road I found myself sitting in an office being interviewed by two teachers from TAFE, discussing the portfolio that I had accumulated during my time in Karen’s project.  I could not believe how much had come out of me during that time – which led me to being accepted into an Associate Diploma of Arts, Professional Writing and Editing at Chisholm Institute in Frankston.  Two years later I passed with Distinctions in Editing and Poetry and a High Distinction in Myths and Symbols, as well as two self published poetry books and two children’s books.  I have that project and Karen McKnight to thank for changing my life so much.  I do not think I’d be the person I am today had I not taken that path.’
– Frankston Community Xpress 

Wendy H
‘Whilst I have had a thirty year career where I have had to write as part of my job description, it has only been through Karen’s classes that I have turned writing into an exercise for my own exploration.  The ideas and concepts that myself and my fellow students have been encouraged to explore have been very meaningful to each of us in our own way.’
– A Life Less Ordinary, Writing Your Life



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